LinkedIn’s Read Receipts And Typing Indicators Are Expanding To Messages And InMails

This week Matt Navarra shared a screenshot of LinkedIn app notification which says that "After April 15, 2021, your read receipts and typing indicators setting will expand to all messages, including InMails and Message Requests".

Now if you don’t know what read receipt and typing indicators so read along, read receipts are the indication signs like small ticks when a message has been delivered and read, just like WhatsApp messenger and Facebook messenger. And a typing indicator appears when the other person is typing a message this is also formerly present in WhatsApp and Facebook messengers.

Of course, if you have turned the typing indicator and read receipts off then no one can see whether you are typing or have read the message.

The feature is rolling out from 15th April onwards but it is not confirmed as to whether it will remain as a permanent feature or disappear after a while and will be applied to personal messages as well as in groups. However, LinkedIn explained in a support page that, "This feature will be gradually rolled out and might not be available to you at this time."

If you are using a computer or laptop and you want to turn the read receipts or typing indicators on or off just go to the settings and privacy option, click on the profile icon on the homepage, click on the communications tab with an envelope sign, now under the preferences option click on the change written next to read receipts and typing indicators. Now you can choose the on or off option.

And if you are using LinkedIn mobile app go to the settings on the top right of the screen, tap on communications, then receipts and indicators now choose your preferred option.

Furthermore, if you are worried about the typing indicators and read receipts on InMail messages so chill out because it will not be visible to other people.

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