TikTok To Join Hands, Raise Awareness To End Wildlife Online Trafficking And Conservation

Trade Records Analysis of Flora and Fauna are commonly known as TRAFFIC, a leading NGO working for wildlife has joined hands with TIKTOK and 38 other tech companies, Along with Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online, which is a branch of International Fund for Animal Welfare, World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Their main goal is to preserve and secure endangered species especially white tigers, exotic birds, and other reptiles from being illegally traded online.

TikTok, together with TRAFFIC, WWF, and IFAW, will spread awareness according to a detailed plan regarding the jungle life and its inhabitants.

As said by Luc Adenot, the Global Policy Lead, and Illegal Activities & Regulated Goods at TikTok “We’re ecstatic to have joined hands with the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online. TikTok is a platform for expressing your views and content. And promoting wildlife trafficking is illegal and strictly prohibited. We are looking forward to teaming up with the Coalition and its members as we grow together to share intelligence in order to help protect endangered species.”

TikTok also said that while many of the practices like poaching and hunting or keeping wild animals encaged as well as illegal trading is already against the community guidelines, so TikTok will increase awareness about improving the related content by setting trends regarding the current issues.

TikTok has started a campaign to start awareness for the users all around the globe which includes 24-hour wildlife safari sightings experience and education training via TikTok LIVE to increase the knowledge.

Also since last year’s November, 85 percent of related content has been removed before getting even a view. And it is probably a very challenging task to try to stop the online trafficking of animals, and the people behind it are very cunning, changing their tactics every once in a while to avoid getting caught.

The 39 companies that have joined hands for saving the wildlife have altogether removed more than 4 million content and posts related to animal abuse.

Just recently a woman, vacationing in Uluwatu beach in Bali, in a TikTok video was found holding the deadliest and most venomous ‘the blue-ringed octopus’ which can kill its prey by numbing the nervous system by releasing certain tetrodotoxin which ultimately leads to muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest. The video got 8.7 million views.

NurPhoto via Getty Images
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