Social Media Engagement Data Shows Varying Advertising Consumption Differences Globally, During the Pandemic

The pandemic along with itself brought the implementation of the lockdown and people spent the majority of 2020 within the four walls of their houses. While staying at home all day and not being able to go out obviously there were fewer ways to use their spare time and a lot of people spent it online.

Since people spent a lot of time online during this lockdown a sharp rise in social media usage and an increased amount of engagement with social media ads was observed. YouGov, in order to check to what extent the changes occurred in media consumption and ad interaction, tracked the impact of the pandemic on consumer behaviors in 17 countries around the world. The YouGov's International Media Consumption Report 2021 then displayed its survey results in which the changes that had occurred in the frequent use of media and how many hours’ people spent online on all the applications like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok pre and during pandemic were observed, compared and mentioned.

The survey by YouGov showed varying results in different geographical areas throughout the world where people had different degrees to which they had paid attention to social media ads. Countries like India, Indonesia, China, UAE, and Mexico showed apparent changes with almost half of the people in each market agreeing that their social media usage have increased and they have been engaging more with social media ads. Singapore along with the five countries mentioned above also agreed that they’ve been paying attention to social media ads more when compared with the global rate of 30% across 17 markets.

While some countries had increased the usage of social media in this lockdown there were many countries like the Great Britain where a decrease in social media consumption was observed and the number of people who did not engage in any social media type doubled than the usual normal. Apart from social media interaction people in countries like UK, US, Poland, France, Germany, Denmark and Australia said that they have been engaging less with the social media ads than they normally did before the lockdown.

This means different areas of the world had different degree of variation in this social media usage survey and while there was increment of usage in some areas there was a decline in the others. During this lockdown everything in this world has been affected to a certain degree and a lot of changes have occurred which differ from the usual norm. With things getting back to normal slowly and gradually will more new changes occur in the way people live or will we go back to the pre-Covid times and the ways we were used to living remains a question for the future.

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