Android, Windows and iOS: These are the most popular operating systems globally

We are familiar with the concept of operating systems. Over the years we have seen different tech companies coming up with their operating systems to be used specifically on their devices, of course this creates competitions and results come in showing different statistics.

Users operate through these operating systems by using different platforms; such platforms include desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Through desktops it is seen that Windows has the highest rate of 75.89% of user activity, followed by OS X with 16.74%, Chrome’s Operating System with 1.99% and that is followed by a very close margin of Linux with 1.98%. On tablets, iOS takes the lead with 56.31%, followed by of course Android with 43.56%, Windows having 0.09% then Linux with 0.03%. The results are as expected because when it comes to devices like tablets, iOS and Android always take the lead. For smartphones, Android operating systems take the stage with 71.9% of user activity, followed by iOS with 27.33% then Samsung with 0.39% having Linux in the last with only 0.02% of user activity.

The statistics for Windows operating system versions shows that Windows 10 has the lead with about having 77.65% of user usage, followed by Windows 7 in the second place with having 16.55%, Windows 8.1 having 3.66%, and Windows Vista having the least percentage of 0.29%. If we look at the statistics of the Desktop mac operating system version’s market share in the world, we will see that the most popular is macOS 10.15 with 67.04%, the rest include macOS Mojave having 10.92%, macOS High Sierra with 9.09%, OS X 10.10 having 5.13%, macOS Sierra with 3.59% and in the last place is the OS X EI Capitan with only 2.95% of user usage. Apple has a separate operating system installed for its phones and tablets. Uptil now, iOS 14.4 is the most popular one with over 45.8%, followed by iOS 14.3 with 21.27%, iOS 14.2 with 6.65%, then iOS 12.5 with 3.64% having iOS 14.0 AND 12.4 in the least positions having a small margin between them of 2.52% and 2.38% respectively.

By looking at the results region wise, in Africa, Google's Android is seen in front with 53.46%, Microsoft's Windows with 27.87% followed by Apple's iOS with 12.04% and Linux again having least percentage of 0.52%. Asia, the largest continent in the world is also seen depicting similar results, with Android having 54.95% of most user activity, Windows having 27.25%, IOS having 11.74% and Linux in the last place with 0.68%. In Europe it’s a little different with Windows taking the lead with 40.43%, Android up next with 31.75%, followed by iOS with 15.52% and Linux in the last place with 1.2%.

In the United States of America, every operating system is equally in demand; iOS has 30.65% of user activity, Windows 30.15%, Android has 19.66% and OS X with 14.58%, Chrome OS with 3.13% and Linux having least user activity of 0.81%. In the United Kingdom, Windows is mostly used with having 33.53% of user activity, iOS in the second place with 26.67% then Android with 23.12%, OS X with 13.57% and Chrome OS being used the least with 1.29%.

In Canada, Windows takes the lead with 40.2% of user activity, then that is followed by iOS with 23.2%, closely behind is Android with 18.75%, then OS X with 14.34%, Chrome OS with 1.52% and as usually, Linux in the last with 0.85%.

Overall, in 2021, Android can be seen to be in the lead with 40.39% market share, Windows (32.34%) close behind, then iOS and OS X behind these two operating systems (which comes under Apple inc. umbrella). Looking at the recent history, Android and Windows were found to be in quite close in demands all year long with iOS and OS X behind these two operating systems.

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