Google FLoC is ready to replace and take over the Third party cookies in Chrome once and for all

Google is all set to leave the Third party cookie behind as the initial test of Federated Learning of Cohorts commonly known as FLoC has gone live in selected regions for limited users only.

This new FLoC technology will revolutionize how the advertising companies including Google itself tracks the user based on their browsing history to target them with specific ads. Unlike third party cookies, FLoC technology does not track users individually, instead it creates a group of internet users or Cohort with similar browsing interests , and based on that information , the whole Cohort of thousands of users will be subjected to the relevant online ads instead of tracking an individual’s browsing history.

Google Privacy Sandbox Product Manager, Marshall Vale cleared how Federated Learning of Cohorts actually works, he stated that with the help of FLoC , the browser determines which cohort corresponds most closely to the recent web browsing history, grouping the user with thousands of other people who have similar browsing histories, He further added that the identification number of the cohort is the only thing provided when requested by a site which is different from third party cookies that allow companies to follow the user individually across different sites.

This means that previously, the advertising companies were provided with individual data based on their browsing history, but once the FLoC takes over, the advertising companies will only be able to get the Cohort number without having any access to the individual data of any user present in the group.

The initial test for this technology is currently live for a limited percentage of users is selected regions which includes Australia, India, Canada, Indonesia, Brazil , New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Mexico and US itself. Those who have blocked the access of third party cookies in the current Chrome version, will not be entertained to have an access to the test.

While Google is claiming that this new development is more user friendly in terms of user's privacy, some advertisers and Antitrust advocates believe that since this technology only works on Chrome under the influence of Google itself, then Google could be using its position of Advertising Giant to push out other advertising companies off the table. Recently Ken Paxton, attorney general Texas has updated his multi state lawsuit against Google, claiming that the Tech Giant did not completely eliminate the doubts raised by the advertisers. Up to 15 states have joined this multistate lawsuit against Google and not just US but even the UK is looking in to this matter and trying to investigate thoroughly on how the new Federated Learning of Cohorts tracking system actually works.

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