Google's new interactive tool ‘lockdown trends’ lists off all the hobbies and interests which went most on trending during the past year

When the corona virus pandemic hit us all last year, we did face some hardships and witness them as well, but on the other hand, different social media platforms came forward and tried to make this period a little easier for us. We saw each and every platform launching great and interactive tools to help people remain somewhat sane and have some sort of support from people all around the world. This took many users by surprise and become more dependent on these apps a little more! In all of these apps was Google as well, who by the way is still launching tools to help in whatever way the tech giant company can. Apart from tools which are meant to help the public into getting the vaccine or on to take the precautionary measures to stay safe from getting infected with the virus. Google has launched a tool which is a little different from all the tools it has released up till now and such which has never been seen on any tech platform till now. This newly launched interactive tool apparently lists the top hobbies which have gone on trending over the past year!

This newly launched feature is called ‘lockdown trends’ which basically provides you with an overview of all the hobbies and interests which got the biggest increase in search volume over the past year. Looking at the tool's page we found that, the list will come off as a calendar, and when clicked on a date it gives you all the details on what hobby or interest received the greatest spotlight in the search bar that specific day. With that a graph will also be displayed to the users through which they can tap on the hobby name and see what Google search results show for that hobby. This feature even allows users to search by category, to see results on certain selected segments.

For someone who really wants to know about which hobby or interest was at the top last year, this really is the tool for them. This can greatly help with providing marketing strategy by giving guidance on how to execute your campaigns based on these trends. These can also help small business owners to take their businesses through a new road by trying out the stuff people are actually interested in, or it can just help anyone to get a new outlook on what hobbies they need to develop during this lockdown as we all can be aware of the boredom which a lockdown can lead to not to mention the things it does to your mental state. Keeping a hobby or different hobbies on track can be really beneficial not only to keep your mental health in check but also to help you in the mere future as well.

Such an interactive and unique tool hasn’t been introduced by any tech platform yet, and for Google, whose platform is literally one of the largest ones out there, to come up with something which is fun and useful at the same time is something which comes out fresh to everyone out there. It definitely brings out pre pandemic spirits back with filling us with hope too!

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