Google introduces a creative AR-based tool that can open a tunnel to the other side of the globe

If you ever wanted to dig a hole and transport to other side of the world then the new browser-based AR toy that is introduced by Google helps you fulfill this dream of digging whole and travelling to other side of the Earth. This new site is called Floom. This site uses the WebXR API for the working and help-s the users to explore the Earth. Floom was introduced by Google yesterday.

Floom uses the augmented reality tech that makes a virtual tunnel to the other side of the globe in the browser. The working of this tool is very simple you just have to angle the phone towards the ground and then tap on the tornado option that is on the screen. This will open a hole to the other side of the world and you have the experience of travelling to the other side of the Earth. You can open the location that is the hole and then have a look around the area that is present on the screen. You can even control how the tunnel intersects with the Earth by changing the angle of the device.

This site is one the latest experiments of Google which creates AR and VR experiences. This has a visual measuring tool that’s creates a six-foot social distancing hole on the screen that looks like you are in another environment. This will give you an option to explore any other part of the world and gives you almost a real experience. Floom has made childhood dream about digging a hole to another part of the world true. The Floom can be launched on a supported Android device which has the latest version of the Chrome. Floom is not available on iOS devices it can only work on Android devices.

Google is also trying to introduce a new feature through which users can turn the pictures in their photo gallery into AR gallery. This launch of Floom has impressed a lot of users and this experiment of Google has been the most interesting one as it is fulfilling the dreams of people of travelling the world through the screen. The users are enjoying the experience of the Floom that they can easily explore some other part of the world easily through their phones by sitting at their homes.

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