Gmail Is Rolling Out Room and Chats Tabs for all Basic Google Accounts

Gmail is a platform made by Google through which users can send and receive their mails over the internet. Over the years Gmail has been updated to become one of the most used and best platforms for sending and receiving emails.

Google launched its Google Meets, Rooms, and Chat Tabs in the Gmail application last year. These features were only available for the Enterprise users and Google Suits users only. But now Google made all these integrations available for all the users of Gmail making it easier for the users to stay in touch with everyone and for easy collaboration of work. Google do not want the users of Gmail to switch between the tabs to work on the available feature. Therefore, Gmail has launched four more new tabs so that all the work can be done easily on only one page.

Although the tabs under this combination shall only be available for Android and Web users for the time being and there are no reports that when this feature will be available for iOS users. 9To5Google confirm that all the four tabs of Google Mail, Chat, Meet, and Rooms are available on the web browsers and the Android app. Through the Mail option, you can easily send important documental or business messages whereas Chat is convenient to message an individual or group of people. The Room option can be used to share files and tasks for a larger group of users.

There are some steps users would need to take to activate the new tabs that are launched by Google on Gmail. These steps are for Android users as well as web browser users. For the Android users, you have to go the Settings, from there go to the Personal Gmail account, and then open the General option and selecting the Chat option, at the end clicking on the Try it option. Then the Gmail application will give you a tutorial to guide you. It will also give the user an option for turning the notification on or off. For the web page or browser, the user has to go to the Settings and then All Settings. Now users have to click on the Chat and Meet and then to the Google Chat. And at the end, the user has to Save the Changes.

With all these updates and the new features on Gmail you can easily have chats and conference meetings for the easy access to the emails.

H/T: 9to5Google.

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