Google Chrome Is Working Towards Providing Users A Better Video Calling Accessibility Through Picture in Picture Mode

The pandemic along with itself brought huge lifestyle change and we all were in confinement within the four walls of our homes for the entire past year. With everything literally moving online whether be schools that were conducting classes online or work from home. Considering all this companies are trying to make their video calling features better in order to provide people more convenience to call loved ones they cannot meet, for schools to host classes easily or companies to conduct meetings for professional work.

Considering all of these factors, Google is also trying to improve their video calling or conferencing in Chrome so that people can have easier access to video calls through their browser and can attend their meetings while at home or talk to their loved ones when in distance. But how will the company do it?

Well, the company has a feature which is called “Picture in Picture” (PiP) which basically lets you open two programs together with one displayed in full size along with the other in an inset on Windows.

Google Chrome is now planning to update their Picture-in-Picture window to support common video calling actions. The company plans on making the picture in picture more useful in terms of video calling by providing users the basic tools to conduct video calls within PiP and also enable the user to mute and unmute their microphone, enable and disable their camera, or hang up the call directly from the PIP window. In short it wants to provide its users the basic tools to accomplish video calling through their features to make life easier for their community.

The company says that to accomplish such tools and features it needs to add new actions for these to the Media Session API and let websites declare handlers for those actions.

The tech giants realize that the pandemic has affected the lives of people greatly and the way of living has changed drastically therefore they are showing the best efforts they can to make communication easier and let people interact with each other more comfortably despite the large distances between them. It is great to see the tech giants and social media companies wanting to do so much for the society at such times and we cannot wait to see what else do they have in store for their community.

H/T: TechTSP.

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