Google is being sued by a media house on hiding links to their articles on certain searches

Daily Mail is a British newspaper service that is not unknown to anyone, the newspaper has a website called the MailOnline also based in the United Kingdom, and it is owned by Daily Mail and General Trust. It has been reported recently that Google is actually getting sued by the MailOnline for apparently hiding links of its news stories. The links hidden are of articles related to the royal family with topics like ‘Meghan Markle’ and ‘Piers Morgan’. Google in response to this have said that these claims are pointless and absolutely incorrect.

This news was reported by TheGuardian and it says that the MailOnline is accusing Google of showing dominancy over online advertising markets and that news related to the royal family posted by the MailOnline which should appear on the search engine when looking for it is not getting prominent positions because of the newspaper site decided to not use the search engine optimization tools that were offered by Google. A spokesperson from Google told media outlets through email that these claims are false and the use of any of the ad tech tools offered by Google have no effect on these articles and their website links of the Google search. The spokesperson also said that the Daily Mail in fact allow advertisers and marketers to help them sell and manage their ad space that includes Amazon, Verizon, etc.

This news basically tells about the relationship these news sites have with Google and it is no secret to anyone that MailOnline and every other news outlet mainly depend on Google to attract more readers, but at the same time they are also struggling because giant companies like Google and Facebook are taking up more of this ad revenues. It looks like the tech world is to see a legal battle between Google which is the world’s biggest tech giant and the MailOnline which is the world’s biggest news web. MailOnline in response to this have said that their accusations towards Google are just and that Google must be held accountable for their anti-competitive behavior, they went on to say that Google even manipulates ad auctions and news search results to have power over the market and cause harm to their rivals and that Google’s constant state of denial even on accusations from the governments all around the world and the regulators can cause them more harm than good in the future.

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