Google is allowing more Android Auto Apps in Play Store in different categories such as navigation, parking and charging

Google has developed a mobile app called Android Auto; this app basically mimics the features of an Android device such as an entertainment head unit or a smartphone. Once the app gets paired to its head unit, the system mimics the apps on the vehicle’s display. This is yet another effort from Google that allows users to use their Android apps more safely whilst being in their cars. This software platform is found in many vehicles and it lets a user sync the car’s display with the phone and use the main features of the Android device while driving.

The users of Android Auto are in luck as much greater variety of navigation, charging and parking apps will be soon seen on the Google Play Store! It has been reported that Google is allowing third-party developers to create apps and software in these categories and put them into motion. Google first announced about this last year in August. Some users have also been able to check these out on the beta version by signing in to the beta program but that is not necessary now as the new Android Auto apps can now be published to production.

Google at first was only allowing these third party app developers to release messaging and media apps for Android Auto but now the tech giant is allowing the third party developers to develop something other than that category, as reported by 9t5google, Google was at first not really comfortable with this but it did melt up! The reason why Google wasn’t really allowing for this was because of its safety concerns for its users and even though the company has allowed Android Apps to be developed in different categories, it has also issued its guidelines as well that are to be followed when making the software. The guidelines include that the third party app developer will have to design the app with Google’s developer guide. They will have to develop the app with the latest version of (1.0.0-rc01 as of this writing). To test the app with the desktop head unit and with the new testing library. Lastly, to publish the app on the production track in the Play Console.

Android Auto app users were already requesting for more apps from different categories and this from Google has fulfilled that. Google in a blog post has said that its prime goal is to bring 500+ models of Android-Auto compatible vehicles that meet with the quality guidelines as well that are mentioned above. Examples are: Chargepoint, PlugShare, T map, 2GIS, A Better Route Planner, Sygic and Flitsmeister.

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