Google Brings Changes in its Product Review Algorithm with in-depth Content Appearing On Top Of Search Results

Google is one of the world’s most used search engine and holds the answers to almost all of our questions. The tech giant knows the importance it holds in our lives and therefore is always working towards improving itself and providing us with better content by observing what the public appreciates and what they do not favor.

One update that has been recently brought about by Google is change in the algorithm for product reviews search which it has designed to bring the well-researched and more in-depth containing content products on the top over thin summarized content.

It should be noted that this new change in algorithm is not for all websites but only for product reviews online. So if you have a website that does not publish product reviews you have nothing to worry about but if you do have a site posting product reviews read on below.

Google has said that this new update is to help people find the content most useful for them. The company further said that they are always testing observing and experimenting to see what people like the most and through this they have found that people appreciate product reviews that share in-depth research compared to content that thinly summarizes a bunch of products and hence through this algorithm it has made sure that in depth and properly informed product reviews appear on the top of the search screens.

For now, this algorithm is updated for product reviews in English only while the rest of the languages will be updates later on.

This update went live this week on April 8th 2021, so there are chances that site owners with product reviews may observe fluctuations in site with either the traffic spiking up or going down depending on the length of product reviews. Site owners who believe they’ve been impacted by the product reviews update should look to Google’s advice on creating better content so that their products and websites can be displayed on the top rankings.

This is a rather great step by Google because buying products online is a risk in itself if you are not known with website and therefore providing users with full in depth knowledge of products along with their reviews is a great step as it will give them the surety of what the product is like and what they should expect.

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