Google Chrome Is Adding A Cool Feature To Make Global Media Controls More Useful

Google is among the most popular tech giant and it does realize that it has a large user base that uses its products on a daily basis. This realization makes the company come up with new changes and updated which will make its products more user friendly.

A few months ago Google introduced a new feature on its global media playback controls for Chrome and Chrome OS. The feature held a new icon on the address bar which when clicked will open a simple playback window showing the current playing URL or song along with the pause and play button. In case a song is being played it will show you what the album and who the artist is as well.

Now, Google is rolling out an update for the global media controls on the latest Chrome Canary build (v. 91) that adds a progress bar and dynamic backgrounds to the mix.

Once this is enabled you will see new media controls in Chrome browser whenever you play a song or video. In the new update, Google has shuffled the position of each UI element in the updated controls. The playback buttons will now be found at the top which will then be followed by the new progress bar, album art, song title, and current URL.

The new updated window will also show a new dynamic background matching the song being played. Chrome OS’s media playback have also received a same kind of update.

It is great that the tech platforms are working towards making their products more easy to use and introducing features which will be helpful for users as it will provide a quick and direct functioning and make their work quicker and easier.

Currently this new feature is available on the Canary channel. You’ll have to wait a few weeks before the update starts rolling out on the stable channel. However, you can enable it right now in Chrome Canary browser by enabling this flag: chrome://flags/#global-media-controls-modern-ui

While this may not seem like a really big update it is indeed a great one. Google has always managed to provide us with the best it has to offer and always lived up to our expectations. We are sure it has a lot in its bag to provide us and we cannot wait to see what else will it offer us.

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