According to Microsoft's Latest Performance Update, LinkedIn is observing a steady growth as it's launching new features to increase user experience

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 with a concept unique on its own. LinkedIn is an online service that operates through both websites and mobile apps and provides employment opportunities to people all around the world. The platform is used for professional networking and allows people who are looking for jobs to post their CVs and for employers to post about different job openings. The online service has helped many all across the globe.

LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft in 2016 and since then it has been observed that the usage and performance data on LinkedIn including the charts that represented user engagement and growth on the platform have been all lost and for this the platform was criticized as well. Even though there are a total of 756 million users on the platform, it doesn’t say much about the user experience as it used to and how much the app is experiencing usage on a daily basis or how much people spend their time on the platform when using it, these days some people predict that 10 minutes to the max are spent on LinkedIn per session.

Now Microsoft dedicates a short column for the online service which gives a small summary of LinkedIn within Microsoft’s earning results which basically give an overall of the platform’s numbers. However, it has been reported recently that LinkedIn is seeing a record engagement with total session to up to 29 percent, according to the latest performance update from Microsoft, LinkedIn is also seeing growth in its ads sales and is up to date with the usual trends. All in all, LinkedIn’s growth has been steady.

People all around have had their own predictions to the usage number, some day that the actual usage is 25 percent, some say its 40 percent, but no matter what ever it is the active user count is 300 million to the minimum. By looking at these numbers the usage doesn’t seem that much but Microsoft says that LinkedIn has been continuously seeing a steady growth and with the on-going pandemic where people are looking for jobs, the rate will see a boost soon which will also attract advertisers to invest in the app too.

Keeping the numbers aside, LinkedIn was bound to soon witness a steady growth as is has launched a whole range of new features that also includes ‘My Company’ tab, new profile features. Creator Mode and video cover stories. My Company tab, which allows businesses to share their business relevant posts, is getting much popularity these days along with the video cover stories which gives different platforms a good exposure. It has also been reported that LinkedIn is soon to launch its own Clubhouse-like audio chats to increase user experience and allow people to connect professionally all across the globe. By the looks of it the platform is soon to unleash many growing opportunities.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

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