Good News Creators! YouTube Brings Changes to Advertiser Friendly Guidelines and Opens Door for More Videos to Get Monetized

YouTube is one of the most used video hosting application around the globe with millions of active users. This makes the company on the top tier of the social media world and makes them want to do even more better every day and provides both their viewers and creators the very best and therefore the tech giant took this step.

YouTube has recently brought about changes in its advertiser-friendly guidelines which means that they have increased the number of videos which will be able to earn revenue through monetization by changing some basic guidelines. Previously some videos were either limited or restricted from monetization that is playing ads on their videos but YouTube has now changed that and creators will now be able to run ads on videos which were not considered suitable previously for advertisers and it is a great news for content creators on the application.

If a creator is a part of YouTube Partner Program, they can tell in what category the video falls for monetization requirements based on four color coded icons that are represented as Green icon: Video is eligible to earn full revenue. Yellow icon: Video will display limited or no ads. Red icon: Video is ineligible for monetization. Grey icon: Monetization has been manually turned off by the creator.

According to the video hosting giant when people see a yellow icon on their videos they can be a little mad feeling as if YouTube is not supportive to their content but what the tech giant wants the creators to understand is that the monetization requirements are restrictive in some aspects more than the others and sometimes it is a balancing act to allowing you to monetize your content while making sure the advertisers are happy to do so as well.

YouTube had a meeting with the advertisers on the channel and the meeting brought positive changes allowing more videos to get monetized. The main categories in which the change in monetization was observed were:

Monetization will be increased on educational videos which displays educational, documentary, or news content that may feature violent interactions with law enforcement, recreational drugs or drug related content, as well as sensitive events while previously it was not.

Controversial videos will be monetized in which no graphic content is seen and only topics are discussed verbally.

Monetization will be increased in areas of adult themes delivered through the context of humor considering an example like adult dating jokes.

Full monetization will be allowed on content in which a slight profanity is displayed in the first 30 seconds of the videos however, extremely foul languages will not be entertained.

It is great that the tech giant is working so hard to provide its users with the best content while giving creators a more open approach towards earning revenue.

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