For the Sexual Assault Awareness Month, TikTok has partnered up with RAINN and has announced a bunch of resources to to foster a supportive space for survivors

Hundreds of sexual assault cases are reported every day. These remain to be the ones reported whereas there are thousands that still go unreported as women and men all over are usually told to stay quiet about it. It is not easy to talk about your experiences out in the open especially when there hasn’t been enough awareness about it, it is sad to see that such topics are still considered a taboo to talk about and only few countries in the world are fully ready to give protection to these survivors. The only reason why women and men all over the world still don’t feel like they can talk about this freely is because of the way they have been brought up. Something that has been practiced for centuries cannot be turned right over night, but what we can do is start by spreading awareness about it.

Social media, without a doubt is one of the strongest assets in the world at the present moment. The way social media has molded our lives is unquestionable and has also made each one of us dependent on it, in every good and bad way possible. It is up to social media platforms to take part in such awareness activities regarding sensitive topics like these, one such app that has taken on this great initiative for spreading awareness is TikTok. The most widely used social media platform has brought in a bunch of new tools on the table as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Most of the users of the app are from the younger generation and even though everyone needs to get awareness related to sexual assault, but not as much as this generation.

To launch these tools, TikTok has partnered up with RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) to bring more out of their content. TikTok when announcing this has said that this is the time where the platform should have important conversation about sexual violence, restoration and advocacy. TikTok said that the platform is working with specialists to make sure that everything that goes up on the platform is to complete understanding to those who have had their experiences of sexual assault and trauma and make sure that the platform can provide them with the security and protection that they need. The social media tech giant says that it is their aim to make help available that can be for anyone going through this and to educate as much people as possible.

The tools include recommendation and data on sexual assault and hyperlinks to the Nationwide Sexual Assault Hotline, and to help people handle such issues.

TikTok in the past has been banned in several countries for having inappropriate content that can influence the younger generation in a bad way, due to which TikTok can be seen to making this platform a healthy platform for all and to bring tools that are important for the growth of a better society.

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