Facebook's new ‘Privacy Progress’ hub makes sure that its users get well familiar with the app’s new privacy updates

Facebook has been under the headlines in terms of privacy for some years now. The social media giant manages to involve itself in some kind of mishap through one way or another, because of this the multinational company tries to come up with ways and develop features that can help them keep their user’s data safe. The app recently became a huge target of cyber attackers where there was a major leak of personal information of millions of users. Such an incident has happened before and it was expected from Facebook to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, but it did. The information of thousands of users appeared publicly and Facebook at the moment is under investigation for it. The social media giant cannot even figure out which users got their information leaked.

Facebook now recently has brought updates in order to improve their privacy policies and make sure that the personal information the user trusts the platform with is protected from every corner. Facebook has brought in more ways to give their users the control over their personal information and who can get access to it. Obviously with everything that Facebook has been dealing with, more and more users are having trouble on trusting the platform again with their confidential and private data. To gain back their users trust, Facebook has launched a new hub called ‘Privacy Progress Update’ to bring forth a platform that is designed completely on this and make their users get satisfied with the tools the company has got to offer in terms of privacy. Facebook when announcing this hub has said that they have full teams from every departments like engineering, legal, compliance, policy and product disciplines that are making sure that every privacy update is up to the mark and does not contain any vulnerabilities. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that everything that they bring on the social media platform is related to privacy one way or another and that they have never meant to keep their user’s privacy at risk.

This new update definitely speaks on high volumes as to how Facebook is bringing change on its platform through these various ways to not only protect their user’s data but to make them feel safe when using the platform for various means as well. Facebook is adding new means to give their users the control over their maintenance on their personal information and who gets access to it. Facebook along with this is also making sure that every thing on its platform is undergoing regular updates and is up to the mark without any faults for its users, with everything that Facebook has been under, the tech giant can not even afford to get involved in another controversy.

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