Facebook to Test “New Labels” Which Will Give More Context About a Particular Post From Pages

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media applications with millions of users on the platform. This large number of users and the speedy evolution in technology with time has made Facebook be updated with everything present on the application and therefore the tech giant works day in and out to make their application a better place for everyone.

Facebook is introducing a new feature which will give the users more context as to what a particular post is about, specially posts from pages that are related to political parties or political talks in order to avoid confusion and online anger among the public.

We all know that not every page on Facebook is an official account of a famous person and there are also certain pages used just for the source of humor and entertainment but at times people do not get that point and are triggered though posts which can lead them to bashing and showing anger within the comments of the said post or online and in order to avoid this Facebook took a step.

Facebook is testing a set of new labels which will delineate whether a particular page is a 'public official', a 'fan page' or a 'satire page'. This new label will appear below the page titles on posts and will let users know through what context and as to why this particular posts has been posted, which will give them a reason not to get triggered and be confused if they process the correct information and means of posts.

Currently, if you scroll through Facebook you will see a lot of people who do not understand that a particular post was for entertainment purpose and it causes no harm until and unless it touches a topic of conversation which is very delicate and you will notice them getting angry in the comment section. This new feature will help to reduce this by telling people the correct context of the post.

Angry comments and hate is found on social media a lot of times throughout your day and Facebook is hopeful that this feature will reduce this factor to some extent. We certainly hope that this stands true and we can explore a more positive ad friendly side of social media than before.

It is great to see that Facebook has realized that something can be done to solve this issue and has taken the necessary steps to follow through.

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