Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will display a list of topics for the users to follow to increase user engagement on the social network

Facebook has been looking for more ways to increase user engagement on their platform. Recently with Apples IDFA update, which will allow iOS users to choose for in-app tracking of their activities, Facebook will face huge downfall in its ads targeting efforts because if the users opt for these apps to not track their activities, then the social media platform will not be able to show ads based on the users preferences and this will cause a huge decline in the ads market. So, to make sure the social media giant doesn’t face that many losses, Facebook is coming up with more tools to serve as an alternate.

It was announced last year that Facebook is testing out a feature which will display topics for the users of the app to follow. Now, this feature will soon make its land to everyone in the world. The new feature from Facebook will basically display topics for users to follow to help them find relevent content on the platform to ultimately improve user engagement. Facebook will display this list of topics depending on the content they think the user might be interested in, through this with time they will be able to generate the things the users are interested in which can help with their many issues especially the ads targeting one at the moment. An example of this feature was shared by Whimchic on Twitter and then later shared by the very well-known social media app researcher Matt Navarra.

Now a question must have popped into your head that if an iOS user will not allow these apps to track their activity, then how would Facebook know the content that user is interested in? Well, Facebook as usual has that figured out and the app will be displaying content and pages on topics the users might have looked into more often in the past. To increase more user interaction on the platform Facebook has added more tools on the ‘Related Discussions’ panel to show more content related to the user’s interest which in turn can help the social media company to gain more boost and help businesses associated with that content as well.

Even though Apple is soon to come with their new updates that will make the users choose to either allow apps to track their activities or not, this feature from Facebook is indirectly doing that only. Whatever the reason might be, this tool will definitely for sure increase more user engagement and target huge audiences based on the content that will be available on the platform.

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