Compliance with privacy laws is concerning majority of the mobile advertisers

According to a new research work lead by AppsFlyer, a software based mobile marketing analytic as well as an attribution platform, the majority of the advertisers in US and UK (to be exact 73% of them) are anxious about obeying the new privacy changes. The white paper from the State of Measurement, Privacy and Compliance, revealed that the concerns being raised by the advertising companies are merit based and the probability ratio for carrying out the investigation for violating the privacy regulations is almost one in three.

One of the most important pillar for an advertising campaign is the Digital Measurement of these mobile ads because it can be vital when it comes to improving the ROAS (abbreviation for Return on Advertising Spend), is a marketing metric that calculates the effectiveness of any advertising campaign running digitally. But since the laws are no longer the same as they were changed, the advertising companies are worried with the upcoming influence of non compliance. Unlike UK and US were up to 73% of these advertisers were concerned with the compliance issues, in Germany the percentage was found to be around 53%.

Brian Quinn of AppsFlyer stated that the IDC Paper by them exhibits that in order for the measurement technology to make sure that an increased return is possible on the advertising spend and support competitiveness, this will enable the advertisers to comply with the developing privacy regulations all around the world to the fines could be avoided for non compliance. He further added and compared it with a vendor feature set by saying that it far more than that. He said that it is about their industry understanding the challenges their customers will be facing before them. Future proofing their solutions to lessen the disruption as the regulation will advance over upcoming years.

In comparison to the most important concerns raised on privacy across all three countries were 81% for protection and compliance, 80% for physical and environmental data security and 79% for compliance with regulation and laws. While these concerns were raised, almost 80% of the respondents showed acceptance and were positive that the companies will find a way through to keep the measurement solutions productive.

Karsten Weide, Vice President of Media and Entertainment, IDC said that the for advertiser that run mobile campaigns the jse of digital measurement is not optional and the right measurement partner in place is important in order to protect the advertiser from getting a fine for non compliance with privacy rules. She added that getting investigated for non compliance is not rare. It can happen in one a three chance and while it is happening someone is likely to be held non compliant and charged with penalty with strict fines that could be upto 3% out of the annual revenue or $40 million on an average, while in US, these penalties could be more intense.

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