Apple Commits To Invest More With The US Government On 5G & Artificial Intelligence Research

As Apple in recent times has turned out to be the new best friend of the US government, therefore, the company has yesterday announced to increase its financial commitments by offering more employment opportunities, along with massive investments that it has already planned to do.

To date, Apple has promised $430 billion to the US government while also making room for 20,000 new jobs in the span of the next five years. But now with the new announcement, Apple will be offering 2.7 million jobs more as direct employment, for US suppliers and manufacturers, and also developer jobs all taking place in the iOS app economy.

Apple gave a detailed plan of where it wishes to spend $430 billion with the US government and the break down of it shows that the money will be spent on multiple big projects which will include supplier relationships, data centers, and research into 5G modem, chip silicon, and artificial intelligence research.

Apple has thousands of vacancies opened in creative industries as well since Apple TV+ productions are reaching new heights in the United States.

This $430 billion figure is a considerable increase from $350 billion which Tim Cook and his team first announced in 2018 during the Trump administration all for the sake of minimizing the corporation tax to benefit the US economy. Moreover, the new 20,000 jobs is an addition to the existing 20,000 jobs which were also announced back in 2018.

As per the words of CEO Tim Cook, Apple aim to boost US innovation and manufacturing twice with these investments and that is the main reason why they are offering more opportunities in the cutting-edge fields ranging from 5G to silicon engineering and artificial intelligence. The company believes that investing in new innovative businesses of the next generation is the way forward to make the future more equitable and also greener.

The press release also had some examples related to the capital investment projects which are currently under the development phase. It includes a new campus and engineering hub in North Carolina which will have its basis set on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Apple will also be expanding in San Diego through the inclusion of 5,000 employees and the television division in Culver City, California will also grow by 3,000 employees by 2026.

Construction of a new Austin campus is also taking place and it is expected that employees will move into the new offices by the start of next year. Last but not the least, the new Waukee, Iowa, data center is also said to be growing through the design developments after being first announced in 2017.

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