Apparent Technical Issue Costs Facebook Content Creators Thousands of Dollars

The life of a content creator can be rather exciting because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing you to do what you love more than anything else in this world and earn an actual living from it. However, with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that it can also be very difficult for most content creators to actually set up a good  situation for themselves, with the main reason for this being that many tech companies deal them a bad hand with regards to their revenue.

A lot of the money that content creators end up earning comes from ad revenue and the like, so anything that negatively impacts this is most definitely going to cause lots of problems for the vast majority of content creators that are out there right now. Facebook has been pushing its own platform for video creators and the initial results have been rather promising, with one creator who runs a page called Depths of History managing to earn several thousand dollars a month from Facebook alone thanks to his following of approximately 70,000 people on the platform.

However, a major problem has occurred here. The aforementioned creator saw a sudden drop in his earnings, with them going all the way down to less than a thousand dollars a month this year. The truly confusing thing is that according to the backend data that he received, his earnings should have been in line with what he regularly receives. This resulted in him getting $4,000 less than what he was owed which has placed a huge strain on the viability of his business.

Several other content creators have complained of similar issues with regards to their earnings, and all of them agree that the issues began in January. This is no coincidence since Facebook rolled out a new layout for Pages during this time, but for this to impact creator earnings is surprising as well as highly concerning.

Facebook has responded to this by saying that only a few creators were impacted by what they are calling a technical issue, and according to their statement these creators will be paid in full during their April payout. However, the fact that one’s earnings can be impacted on a month to month basis will make a lot of creators lose their trust in the platform, something that might prevent Facebook from getting the kind of influence it has historically wanted in the world of content creation so this is something that Facebook should either prevent entirely or at least be more forthcoming about so creators can plan accordingly.

H/T: TheVerge.

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