Facebook and The Recycling Partnership have collaborated to launch a free digital tool, to provide community-specific information through Facebook’s Messenger experience

Recycling can help us to live better and we can also fulfill our needs from it. According to a report, recycling of certain things has saved many lives in the world, but the problem is many people don’t even know the right way to recycle and each community has its own way and policies and procedure in which they recycle the things. However, many people just destroy the things or put them in a garbage basket. A national not-for-profit organization named the Recycling Partnership is working to recycle the goods while activating the economy in the US, it also found out that despite decades of recycling goods, people don’t have specific guidelines to recycle the goods, they may watch YouTube videos but that does not give the proper guideline about every product. There are around 9000 recycling programs that force the recyclers to check whether or not the particular material can be accepted in the neighborhood program.

It is a barrier to save our planet, supporting the American economy, and preserving natural resources. Keefe Harrison, the CEO of the Recycling partnership program said that American people want to recycle the goods, they want to recycle the right things but the problem is that this varies from place to place, region to region. That is what exciting about communities for recycling. So we decided with the help of Facebook and leading consumer-packed goods brands like PepsiCo, to localize the recycling information in just one tool which can be available to all Americans soon. It will give the knowledge to the public what are recyclable things in their town and what the companies are looking for so that they can make better use of it. Many companies are making more designed products to be more recycled. A community for recycling is a local initiative and this will help many individuals to have an impact at their local level when they are taking recycling as a global challenge.

Through this recycling program within personalized Facebook Messenger experience, the public can find out how to recycle the most common items of their home like plastic bottles, cardboard, and metals as well as they can also get information about less recyclable items like yogurt cups, eggs carton, and pizza and burger boxes only by typing the question into Messenger experience to get the guidelines in their location. Now only people from Atlanta and Fort Worth, Texas, can take benefit of this program. However, users from outside these areas can check their recycling IQ via a nine-question quiz. According to a report that 20 million tons of recyclable material head to landfill every year and from that only 32% get collected and recycled again to get in use. This only happens because people don’t even know what to recycle and when and how. It is actually a complex problem but it is also an empowering opportunity to equip the people with a hyper-local solutions to work together to shape the future of sustainability. This partnership could become worthwhile in near future.

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