YouTube introduces a new Studio tool ‘Checks’ that runs through before content publishing to see if a video might have any copyright claims

YouTube has always taken copyrights very seriously (sometimes it becomes too much for the channel holders as well). For someone with a YouTube channel wanting to upload a video containing their content would have to follow all the copyright laws. Both the copy rights owner and YouTube are always on the search to make sure there isn’t any video that might have even the tiniest of thing that can land on copyright laws not been followed. When a video is removed due to the copyrights issue, it can even make the channel get banned.

Some of these copyright laws are broken by mistake by many content creators and just by some small accident hours of hard work that they might have put on the video goes to waste because of this non-organized system. To solve all of this YouTube introduces a new YouTube Studio tool called ‘Checks’ where the content creator can make its video go through the tool in order to make sure that their video is free from any issue. Any problem that will emerge can be addressed as well, the creator will be able to see everything related to the problems by displaying each detail that includes the time code having that copy right issue and the impact that it will leave on the video.

This new feature was announced by YouTube team on its official support page. The new YouTube tool Checks is a system to reduce the number of videos that get copyrighted every day on a huge basis. This system is to limit that according to the guidelines set by YouTube. The tool will take about three minutes to go through each video and will help creators to have copyrighted free videos to get uploaded without being monetized. The creators can still however opt for not running their videos through Checks but this increases their risks of having to upload a copyrighted video that might get monetized. Many people feel that this step by YouTube is a good one as it solves the copyrights issue of videos that has been prevailing for quite some time now for years. Making any of your video go through this YouTube studio tool once before uploading will be the way to go.
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