Work from home results in more usage of digital tools

In recent times, work has become technology-based. Due to the pandemic situation, the usage of digital programs has exacerbated.

Before the lockdown was imposed and the pandemic case forced people to stay home and work from home, the US workforce had become heavily dependent on technology. Although in the beginning, everyone struggled to keep up with the new normal and because of the excessive usage of cloud-based systems, office suites, social media, and security apps, a lot of practice was required to get used to it.

The demand for technological and software skills will going to increase in the future. The most eye-opening result is that 83 percent of respondents assume that their work is remarkably tech-intensive, i.e. according to FutureLearn survey. Further 43 percent of the respondents claim that their work is more dependent on technological programs than they have imagined.

As per the information provided, it is clear that a very less percentage of people were only skilled in using online programs. They were habitual of working online rather than working at the workplace. Although these emerging skills are not usually used in the workplaces but surprisingly 37 to 39 percent of people learned these skills at schooling age.

Now, as the demand is increasing people are taking interest to become experts in technological programs like web creation, data analytics, digital marketing, and cybersecurity. A staggering 45 percent of respondents, many in their twenties, claim to have mastered coding or programming.

According to the workers working from home, regularly on working days, 4 to 5 online programs have been used. The usage of some apps is comparatively more due to the work from home trend. Microsoft Office 365 was named the most popular software by 56 percent of respondents. Next to Microsoft Office 365 was Google Drive used 50 percent followed by Zoom (48 percent), Microsoft Teams (35 percent), and Dropbox (30 percent).

Especially Zoom app has gained huge popularity since March 2020 when the first orders came out to stay at home. From attending a class to conduction a meeting, every online session used to take place on Zoom.

Work from home does not seem to get over any time soon. When the lockdown was imposed for the very first time since then, 63 percent of employers have implemented new software or web-based services.

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