Whatsapp rolls out the much awaited phone and video calling on Mac and Windows devices through its app

The desktop app of Whatsapp helped a lot of us save time and this greatly helped for people who work mostly on their laptops. The only thing which was missing from Whatsapp app was phone and video calling, but Whatsapp has announced that it has added the phone and video calling on its desktop app, means users who download the app from whatsapp.com/download can enjoy the audio/video calling feature now! It's important to note that this feature is still not available for Whatsapp web users who access the app through web.whatsapp.com.

Whatsapp hopes to beat other video calling apps like Zoom and Google Meet which surely reached new heights of success during the global pandemic where every single one of us depended on such apps for online classes, work or even family get together events. These new features will also for sure give a hard time to other phone and video calling apps that offer these on a larger screen like Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype. The users can video call both in portrait and landscape mode, and the video call will always be set on the top of the users’ desktop so that the call doesn’t get disturbed when browsing through others tabs and windows.

Whatsapp said that such a move had to be made as people have now increased needs of video calls. Whatsapp in a blog post recently said that this feature won’t only help with work and study related activities but also for users to see their loved ones through a bigger screen. Whatsapp is one of the most used apps and is found on everyone’s device, having this on the desktop was already a big help but with these newly to be added features it is for sure to be loved by everyone and will prove to be quite handy as well.

Whatsapp is also known to be extremely user friendly so this won’t even be hard for people having difficulties with gadgets to understand how video call through the desktop version will work. This is big step from Whatsapp towards gaining back their users’ trust as Whatsapp faced quite a huge amount of backlash at the starting of this year for their new policy updates. Along with Whatsapp was also its parent company Facebook facing backlash, this app is also heard to be planning for its desktop version of Messenger for these similar phone and video call features.

For now the video calls can be taken one-to-one only but Whatsapp promises group video and phone call sessions too.

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