Here's what WhatsApp is testing in its latest Android beta version

WhatsApp just released an updated version for Android: through the Google Play Beta program. The update brings a Redesigned media footer in which users are allowed to edit the media including pictures and videos while sending them.

Through the update, it was found out that WhatsApp is working on an update to reorganize the footer the section in which media is displayed before sending it to the user. In a screenshot shared, the difference is clearly visible between the old version and an updated version.

Specifically, WhatsApp is working on an update to redesign the chat bar. In the updated version, a button will be included that enables the user to pick more media to send. In addition, the recipient name is moved to the right side which is identical to the iOS user interface.

Although, it is important to note that this updated version is not disclosed and available to the public. It is under process and soon will be available for the users. This news is sourced through the WhatsApp Beta program that also addressed the Read Later feature which is a substitute for Archived Chats. The feature is now shifting to Archived chats but it will retain all of the features of "Read Later" when it is launched. The ability to keep the chats archived even on the appearance of new messages will be available. When it will be available to beta users will be disclosed soon.

According to a report of WABetaInfo, a website that monitors new functionality and updates on the beta version of the application, the version will entertain people soon which allows user to edit their media files just before sending. WhatsApp is also working on a multi-device feature, according to sources. This feature helps the user to connect to WhatsApp from the same account on different devices. The primary device, on the other hand, must remain connected to the internet required to function efficiently.

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