Voice-based social media platform, Clubhouse has announced an accelerator program for the creators in which they can get the opportunity to monetize their conversations and shows

Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice communication, in which people are allowed to get together to talk, listen, and learn from each other. Many other platforms have also followed the steps of Clubhouse to introduce a voice-based feature but still, Clubhouse is at the top of the list and has a decent number of users from all over the world. Recently, Clubhouse has introduced a new creator accelerator program in which the creators can take the benefit of monetizing their conversations and shows. The CEO of Clubhouse Paul Davidson said in a weekly town hall meeting that the ‘Clubhouse Creator First’ aims to support and train 20 creators with resources that they need to give their ideas and creativity to the whole world but they have the problem of finance that stops them to show their ideas and to work on it.

Through the creator first program, the creators can make their conversations amazing, can increase their audience to a great extent, and can monetize their content just like users do on YouTube. In this way, Clubhouse can get even more audiences from all over the world and more brands will be connected to the creators and to the platform. The creator will also get the stipend per month so this way many creators can get the opportunity to make this a career for living. If anyone thinks that he has the talent and wants to join the program, he can apply through a form which is available on the Clubhouse, in which the creator will have to give his personal data and the information about the content he makes. This is not over yet.

A creator will have to send the audio sample of the show which will be scrutinized by the Clubhouse team that whether you are eligible to get a stipend to create your ideas. This platform is getting much famous day by day that according to a report by app analytics App Annie, Clubhouse has 12.2 million downloads from all over the world as of March 9, 2021, and only 3.1 million downloads are from the US. The Clubhouse is also getting the attention of many people in India as there are 65000 downloads from the period. This app is getting much popularity after it has hosted big personalities like Elson Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

The Clubhouse can also get more audience after it will launch its Android version soon.

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