Clubhouse announced that the Android version of the app might take a few more months to get released

The social media world was definitely taken by storm when Clubhouse, the invitation only audio chat app was launched in April of 2020. The creators of this app are Paul Davison and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. Just one month into its release the social media app was valued at nearly $100 million. The success that this app was able to achieve in such a short amount of time is truly commendable. The app is based around the concept of audio rooms for discussion that can host few individuals to over huge groups of people.

After Clubhouse was released, and the popularity that it was able to achieve in no time, different social media sites then tried to mimic this concept and mold it into their own social media apps. In February of 2021, it was reported that Facebook is also working on a concept of audio chat rooms, and just a few days after that it came in the news that Telegram, the messaging app has a new update on the works with features just similar to that of Clubhouse.

The only drawback that this app received was being launched for OS devices only; this did portray the social media app in a bad light. It is now being reported by one of the creators Paul Davison himself during Clubhouse weekly Town hall meeting that the Android version of the app might take a few more months to get launched. Mr. Davidson said that the team of Clubhouse is working really hard every day to get this to their much awaited Android audience as well.

During one of these weekly Clubhouse Town hall meetings, Paul Davison announced that the Android version of the app will be made public in no time but did not give much details into the subject, the video of him saying this was even uploaded on YouTube. CNBC, in February of 2021 reported that the company had hired Android software developer Mopewa Ogundipe to begin working on the Android app. Davison said that when launching something for an app like Clubhouse, everything has to be slow paced in order for the plan to get executed to perfection. When exposed to more users, an app like this can also get negatively affected as it will be harder to find friends and content according to everyone’s interest. Meanwhile, users are advised to not fall prey of counterfeit apps in Google Play Store.

Till now, Clubhouse’s greatest rival has to be Twitter Spaces that too has the same concept as the app. Twitter took advantage of Clubhouse’s flaw of not being available to Android users and launched Spaces this month for Android users as well, allowing them to join audio chat rooms. Twitter is also planning onto launched Twitter Spaces publicly very soon, this makes Clubhouse to be in a very delicate position and in circumstances like these the app should come up with its Android version real soon.

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