Twitter is working on some exciting features for 'Spaces'

In December of 2020, Twitter announced that it will be launching a clubhouse-inspired feature called ‘Spaces’. The platform was then later made available for some individuals to test out, the new feature has audio only chat rooms, the concept of Spaces is quite similar to Clubhouse that is also an invitation only audio chat space available only on iOS devices for now and was launched in mid-2020. Twitter says that Spaces will serve as a platform where individuals from different communities will come together and built an environment that is safe and is filled with versatility. Spaces will allow a user to invite another person or a group of five people in live conversations.

Now with the popularity Clubhouse has received over the months and the way it has set the whole social media platform on fire, it will be quite difficult for Twitter to build a platform that has the same unique concept as Clubhouse and also make sure that it beats its popularity. The competition is sure to increase in the future as well. For Twitter to make sure that Spaces can make a mark for itself on the huge platform, it is necessary for Twitter to make this available for more users as well. Twitter is working tirelessly to develop new and creative features for Spaces, develop them and present them to individuals to try out.

In this attempt, Twitter has made available this feature for more users to try it out and give their valuable feedbacks. It has even made available features like Space scheduling which will serve to be quite an asset to the users.

This feature will allow users to host and even manage their audio Space, however this feature is still a little underway but will fully be available for users soon, through this feature the users can schedule their meetings, they can tweet out to their audience and when they tweet, the people who get the link to the upcoming audio chat will get a reminder for that through that tweet, another feature that Twitter has made available on Spaces for its users are labeling tools, in order to give their users more variety from their features in their audio-only chats.

Twitter is also seen to be working on other features, some of which however are already seen on Clubhouse but we are sure that Twitter will give a new flavor to them! Such features include Space listings, where people can see the list of other users who have joined the audio chat, Space titles to allow users to have the control over how their Space is presented to everyone who visits and Space Discovery to help users look through rooms of other topics of discussion.

Twitter still hasn’t announced an official date for Spaces to get released to everyone in the world, but with more popularity Clubhouse is gaining, Twitter will for sure be releasing Spaces soon.

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