Twitter has introduced a new conversation setting for ads in which it allows the brands to limit who can reply to their promoted tweets

Twitter first gave the option to the users to limit who can reply to their tweets. This gave the users complete control to stop those people who just tweet to troll other users. Twitter actually wants to make its platform as peaceful as possible so that no user can troll other users. Now Twitter has also given complete control to the brands to limit the persons who can reply to their tweets. This new setting gave the brands more power so that these brands can stop those users who are not interested in the advertisement and just roughly tweet to demote their ads.

Brands will have the option in Twitter ads creation flow to limit who can reply to promoted tweet by clicking on a dropdown menu, if the brands or advertisers put it on default means that brands want everyone to reply their promoted tweets. This can happen in such a way when the brands want to introduce a new product in the market and want to take the suggestions from the public so that they can get more attention from the public this way. But sometimes every user does not give the suggestion and make fun of the promoted tweet which destroys the prestige of the brands so it is good to have control over the conversation settings. This new setting gives you either to select "people you follow" or "people you mention" can reply to your tweet.

This option is much useful when you have to take a suggestion or you are promoting your brand to a very limited audience and you want very specific replies from the public. You can promote an interview by mentioning the interviewee or limiting who can respond to the tweet, this can avoid the critical replies about the interview or any other type of promotional tweet. Because sometimes users don’t have the knowledge about the product or service and just post a random reply which creates a bad image of the advertisement among other people.

You can make a discounted offer to those who are mentioned in a promoted tweet or make a special offer to those people who respond but those can be limited people, but only those can reply who follow your handle. This option will give the chance to brands to get more creative ideas from the very limited people who have the know-how about the product or can utilize the capacity in their promoted tweets. since the introduction of this new setting almost 11 million people have applied this setting to 70 million conversations which means that people really like this option.

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