With ClubHouse Gaining Popularity Twitter’s Spaces To Roll Out Earlier Of Schedule

After Clubhouse was brought out last year in April 2020, the audio-only chat made for iOS, gained fame in the recent COVID’19 pandemic. Several other social media application companies have started making their own versions of clubhouse, including the social media giants Facebook, alongside others Twitter has also developed an audio-only tool which is named as Spaces, using the most advanced tools and features. The tool is in the beta testing mode for now but Twitter will surely try to release it as soon as possible. Also, this will be available not just for iOS users but for android users as well.

One particular feature that Twitter focused on was, that the recorded audio can be saved and stored and can be shared externally as well. As stated by Kayvon Beykpour.

Telling TheVerge about the recent updates, Beykpour said that “I think it should be an option. If the users think that the chat was worth playing back, you must be able to do that. If you ask me I am a bit more optimistic on two things. Number One, the host should be able to save it and do whatever they want. Maybe you host a Space audio chat; you save it, and then if you want to edit the chat. You should be able to do that action.”

If this option is permanently added, then the Twitter spaces will become more of a podcast application. But right now not all Android users can start their own space but can join and listen to other’s spaces since it is in testing mode.

Twitter is also working on creating options for users to see who is listening to their podcast all the time. Since there is a lot of people using Twitter and have huge number of following. They can easily use spaces, so they would obviously not choose clubhouse. This can be a threatening situation for the clubhouse, which has just started to get popularity and recognition among users.

Space scheduling and labeling tools are also being tested. Right now it cannot be said on who is going to be the more eminent and distinguished application for the new trending audio-only chats. But for now, the clubhouse is surely on the lead, because they are giving the users the option to shift between the rooms anytime. Stay tuned.

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