Telegram Introduces a New “Clubhouse” like Feature with New Improvements

All social media companies strive to do better day after day so that they could grow and provide users their users a great experience. What it seems like is that audio conversations are thing now. After the introduction of Clubhouse which is an audio chat application on which you can form rooms and join and listen to discussions, Twitter introduced its own version of the same concept called “Twitter Spaces.” Now, Telegram which is a messaging app is introducing a similar concept.

Telegram was updated recently with an option for audio communications. Telegram had first introduced its voice chat support back in December and recently it brought changes to it and formed its version 2.0. It is similar to Clubhouse and Spaces in many aspects but Telegram brings voice chats with a whole new improvement than what it previously used to be.

The first bring change that has been brought about is that admins of channels and public groups can now form rooms to hold audio chats for thousands of people at the same time. The invite similar to Clubhouse will be sent through a link and admins can form links and share it with others for them to join in the conversation. Clicking on a link will open the conversation right away and the best part about it is that separate links can be made for speakers and listeners. The listeners will obviously be muted and therefore you will not have to unmute a speaker every time they join. They can just join through the “speakers” link and they will be unmuted by default. Listeners can join through separate links and speakers can also use those links to promote their speaking session within their community.

Apart from this the live audio session can now be recorded as well. Admins can save live recordings for people who missed out to hear them later. Chats that are being recorded will also have a red mark next to the title to let people know that the conversation is being recorded.

Some other new changes that were brought on by Telegram like listeners are muted and in case they have a point to make in the conversation they can tap and raise their hands which will notify the admin that they are willing to speak and admin can unmute them for them to join the conversation.

The bio texts of people will also be visible to everyone present in the conversation. You can fill your bio with your expertise, interests and just a bit about yourself so that admins can find why your questions in the conversation can be valid.

The next best thing about this new audio conversation feature in Telegram is that it gives you the option to join with either your personal account or as one of your channels which can be really great for celebrities and well known people wanting to join in conversations without being recognized.

Technology is evolving at such a fast pace and some amazing new features are being introduced. This feature for Telegram is present on the app store as a free update and we cannot wait to see what else the company has to offer us.

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