Apple Maps Can Tell You The Real-Time Crowd Data Of A Business Using The Anonymous Location Share

Apple and iOS are all about updates this year, leaving behind all the previous technologies the iPhone 12 and 12 pro max and their distinct features left the world in awe. And iPad and iOS 14.5 are all set to release in spring this year. But this time Apple is bringing a brand new feature that can show the users how busy the shop or a place is through the Apple Maps.

Observed by a Reddit user, apart from updating their privacy menu in the location services, apple’s new feature will utilize the users’ location to determine the crowd in a place.

According to Apple, it will collect the users’ anonymous location data, so that the users can know if the destination or a place s open and is busy the data will be collected when the users' open app near a place, it’s not determined whether the information would be based on the apple’s app data or a third-party apps data but the info will remain encrypted.

As said by for the Routing and Traffic, When the users are travelling (for instance, walking or driving), your iPhone will send GPS data, travel speed, and barometric pressure info from time to time in an unidentified and encrypted structure to Apple, to be used for increasing crowd-sourced road traffic and atmospheric correction databases. Also, when the users open an application near a certain place (for instance, a business or a park) the iPhone will send the location data in an anonymous and configured code and sent to Apple which then may use and let users know if that place is open and how busy it is.

Although Google has this feature, called “live visit data “for quite a while now, and the data is shown in the form of a bar graph which tells the estimated times and live data, we don’t know yet how Apple will execute the feature.

Also, it is not yet known when this feature will be out in the testing beta version of iOS 14.5, although crowd source car accidents, speed traps, and hazards as well as App Tracking Transparency, the ability to unlock your ‌iPhone‌ with a mask, and much more can be seen in apple’s new version but let us wait and see.

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