TikTok may introduce a group messaging feature this year, which can put the app into direct competition with big social media platforms

TikTok has gained much popularity in a few years and has almost 700 million users from all over the world and it is estimate that it will get around a billion users this year. Besides, varieties of videos like education, sports, education, food, etc. Thus the platform is also thinking about introducing a group chat option in the new update just like Facebook and Instagram in which people can not only get entertainment but they can also chat and make conversation in the form of a group with each other, which helps to connect people. This could be a good idea not to stay on just watching and posting videos but it can also become a conversation platform. One of the sources said that group messaging was the part of plan of ByteDance to make this app a "social interaction app". So, ByteDance will not try this feature for the first time, rather the Chinese version of TikTok named Douyin has already this group chat feature since the year 2019 which has got much attention from the public.

TikTok wants to get more traffic and engagement on its platform so that all the users get all sorts of entertainment and interactions with their friends and family or even with their fans. This would definitely put up this app to compete with Facebook and Twitter. The sources which brought out the news refused to talk to the media as they were not authorized. With the group chat option, the users will stay longer on this app, as TikTok is trying to expand its live streaming and e-commerce proposals and now group chat option will make the users easily communicate with their fans.

ByteDance was planning to introduce this feature earlier the year and many discussions were going on regarding its rollout but due to the restrictions by the administration of Trump and this app got banned in India which caused some delays in the launch of the new feature. Trump administration put some serious allegations on this platform that it is giving the security data to the Chinese Government of more than 100 million American users. TikTok clearly declined these allegations. However, the Biden’s Government has decided to let TikTok continue its work in the US. Therefore, now TikTok is evaluating where and when to launch this new feature, and according to a report, this group chat messaging service is likely to be unencrypted. It is not decided yet whether this group chat feature will launch in the US or not but this app said that it is ready to deal with all the consequences that will result in expanding into social messaging.

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