TikTok’s New Ad Library Enables You to Find Best Ads by Ad Filtering Now

TikTok has been one of the top tiers app since it was launched and its popularity has only risen day by day. Therefore, with the increasing popularity it introduced new and improved features slowly and gradually and also made further changes in them for the better. One such feature is the ads on the application which are also a great source of revenue for both the app and the users and the platform are bringing some changes in the ad option so that users can choose ads on their videos which fit their preference, videos and regions.

The platform has launched a new Ad Library Tool which is called “Top Ads.” This new feature will help you in searching and enabling the best performing ad campaigns on TikTok within your region and vertical to get inspiration from their approach. The platform will also provide filters, which will break down your search in categories and you can choose categories according to your preference to navigate through ad listing like “Ad Type” “Region” and “Industry.”

The ad listing can further be break down according to the timings (last 7 days or last 30 days) and performances whatever would fit the best example of your business. After that examples will appear of your listings breakdown and you can tap on them for further and specific promotions.

However, this feature is currently not complete and is under processing and proper finishing. There are some categories which show no example and some categories in which examples look more like placeholders. TikTok has notified that ads in the library are currently limited to those that are authorized by the advertisers and there are certain cases where not the actual top trending ads be shown on the listings but there are some great examples despite all this and if TikTok manages to further improve this platform it will be quite a successful one. Apart from the ad listing there are features like “popular trends” that show what is trending on the app these days for you to get video ideas and “Showcases” which shows you ad case studies.

Though all this is currently under proper finishing and may take some time, there still are some great examples to check out and being able to categorize it according to regions and timings is a great convenience for the users on the application. TikTok has always delivered quality features and we are sure this will be one of those once its work is done.

Photo: Anatoliy Sizov via Getty Images


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