TikTok is releasing new features for its users, and by the looks of it they are for sure to become a huge hit

If there is one app that reached new heights of popularity really quickly and became a hit in people of all ages, then that has to be TikTok. The social media app was released in September of 2016 for iOS and Apple and since then there has been no looking back for the app. The app is used for creating and sharing short videos with everyone in the world and yet another way for content creators to display their talents more efficiently.

Just like every other app, TikTok too works tirelessly behind the screen to bring new features and tools to the table for its users. It was spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi recently on what TikTok is working on these days. He revealed that TikTok is soon to launch video playlists! The playlists are going to be available for Creator and Business accounts and only public videos can be added to the playlist which is a known fact. A video can only be in one playlist at a time, and if a video’s privacy setting is changed to private, it will automatically get removed. This is definitely a creative and innovative feature from TikTok’s part which enables users to view videos playlist wise assembled according to different genre.

One feature, that is most definitely always loved by everyone, is the ‘Auto Captions’ feature, every app these days is working on this feature due to the huge demand and popularity of this feature in particular, and of course TikTok is one of them. This is loved by everyone due to a number of reasons. Firstly, for people who can’t listen properly can always turn on their ‘Auto Captions’ feature and that will generate captions for videos automatically helping these physically impaired people in a lot of ways. Secondly, for someone who can’t understand what the person in a video is saying due to the accent in the video can also use this feature to read and understand what the video is really about. The ‘Auto Captions’ feature is a great way to increase user interaction through videos and leads to a better comprehension of the videos. The ‘Auto Captions’ feature is releasing on few other apps as well and this will for sure have a great impact globally and will help many out there.

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