Instagram Experimenting With Polls in Groups

One of the main things that social networks often try their best is to improve user engagement on their platforms. Users that engage with each other as much as possible create a healthy and profitable ecosystem, and one solution that many platforms look to is polls. Polls are a great way to make users interact with one another, and they have a number of applications that go beyond this sort of thing as well.

Instagram has offered polls in its Stories feature for quite some time now, but a recent test (as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi) suggests that they might be coming to groups as well. Polls in groups have the potential to be a massive success. The emphasis on groups has been coming from the top down, with Instagram’s parent company Facebook placing quite a bit of emphasis on the community oriented nature of groups and how they can help people create online spaces for themselves.

It is currently unknown when a full rollout can be expected for groups, and there is a small chance that it might not come at all if this was just a random test. However, Instagram can certainly benefit a lot from polls in groups, which makes it likely that this is the sort of thing the social media platform will be working on at some point.

Polls can also be highly useful for businesses since it can help them figure out what their customers truly want from them. Instagram needs to create an infrastructure that can withstand the upcoming policy changes from Apple that will prevent the platform from gathering personal and private data from users as a default. Offering polls can allow users to volunteer this information through a call to action which can help wary businesses see a roadmap for how things will work once the new policy starts to go into effect.

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