For Security Purposes India Decided To Ban 5 Dozen Chinese Apps, Including TikTok

TikTok is a Chinese based app that has mass user base around the world. It is a short video creation app, which allows lip-sync, the addition of background music, and another basic editing. Apart from TikTok, many Chinese invented apps are ruling the digital era. Other apps include; WeChat, Helo, Shareit, UC Browser, and a long list of apps.

On Monday evening, the Indian government decided to ban 59 Chinese based apps like TikTok and others which are commonly used in their country. Ministry Of Electronics And Information Technology further stated that this is a mandatory step as it is threatening the security of the country. The government received information through their secret sources that users information was being stolen from the app. The stolen information was an aid for China. The information that was being leaked was probably a threat to the country’s sovereignty.

According to stats provided by SensorTower, in May of this year 20% of downloads of TikTok came from India, which makes India top country in terms of active users.

Another reason that has been stated to defend the decision is that commonly used Chinese apps like TikTok are exposing kids to age-restricted content. Not only this, but people came up with TikTok videos that were supporting domestic violence, child abuse, racism, objectifying women, and animal cruelty. This was unacceptable for the audience. In the response, TikTok requested the Indian government to give their decision a second thought. The app claimed that it has not shared Indian users data with any foreign country.

The banning decision comes along with geopolitical tension, as military clash happened between two countries a month before in the Himalayas. This situation created tension among the two armed neighbors. Since then, Twitter has been trending with the banning topics. People posted videos regarding boycotting products from both sides (including mobile phones, televisions, and other products). Chinese based mobile phones rules at least 80% of the Indian market. This means the world’s second-largest market of Chinese products is in India.

To express their anger, Indians deleted the app. Latter an app “Remove China Apps” became popular among the Indians. However, Google decided to delete the App as it was against Google policies. The app “Remove China Apps’’ was considered to be a policy-violating app. Hence, Google has to remove the app.

A few months back, India came up with Foreign Direct Investment Policy. Under this policy, they notified all neighboring countries including China to pursue permission from New Delhi while coming up with any investment program.

59 Apps that India is planning to ban
List of 59 apps India is planning to ban.

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