This AI based tool can find and bring screenshots from plethora of movies based on your keyword

Ever heard of searching for something of your interest and get a screenshot of it in return? Well, AI powered searches these days give you options like that! When searching for a movie, AI based search engine FLIM gives you screenshots from all the possible movies in return! How cool is that?

For those who aren’t familiar with the whole concept of AI. AI is short for Artificial Intelligence; any of the AI powered features is developed in such a way that can act exactly as how humans can come up with decisions and thoughts. It allows machines and tools to solve problems and come up with solutions itself just like humans do. 

"FLIM is for creative people who believes that image communication is the best way to express their ideas". Users can filter search results based on genre, release year, and size ratio or character. Searchers can find screenshots by colors and within movies, e.g. bar in Modern Times.

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