iPhone 12 - The Ultimate Savior Of The Smartphone Industry!

While 2020 has been a really bad year for the smartphone market, the first quarter of 2021 may bring the right positive news as according to forecasts, there are chances of a 50 percent increase in the revenues of the mobile phone market, and with that, the total sales may also go up to 340 million units.

This forecast has been given by Digitimes that has also predicted for Apple’s iPhone to actually emerge as the winner again in terms of share of all sales.

Apple is expected to sell 150 million units during the entire quarter and if this figure is compared on a year-over-year basis then it will become an increase of 38 percent. iPhone 12 series will play an integral role in this boosting of the company’s sales and the similar source has also stated that Apple will remain as the leading phone maker for the second consecutive market.

For those of you who missed the earnings report of the previous quarter, Apple already stood number one in Q4 of 2020 as well. In that quarter too, it was the iPhone 12 that helped Apple surpass Samsung in almost all of the large markets.

Apple launched iPhone 12 later than usual and while everyone was surprised about the move, it actually turned out to be in the company’s favor as in Europe, for instance, Counterpoint Research says Apple launched the phone just when the performance of the market improved e.g. in Q4 of 2020.

Furthermore, the decision to delay the launch of the iPhone 12 also gave enough time to iPhone 11 and iPhone SE to be sold well in many markets throughout the year. And once people were done using it, the demand for the newer model also went up before finally getting launched in October. Hence, as a result, the iPhone 12 was Apple’s most successful device launch to date, as the company then enjoyed a record share high of 30% in Q4 2020 because of this move.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are still selling strong!

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