These Mobile Publishers Got the Most Downloads in February 2021

Mobile publishers are vying harder than ever for dominance in this modern day and age because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to gain a monopoly over their respective industries. February was a crucial month for mobile publishers due to the reason that the year is still starting out and seeing how apps perform during the initial months of the year can say a lot about how the publishers of those apps are going to fare as the months go by.

As far as overall downloads are concerned from all relevant app stores and markets, it seems like Google has been faring the best in February, that is according to SensorTower data. Facebook came in second, followed by mobile game developer Voodoo. Bytedance comes in fourth in terms of overall downloads which is a bit of a surprise since the Chinese developer is nowhere to be found on the Google Play Store list but managed to get a top 3 spot on the Apple App Store list which means that Apple users are driving a lot of growth for the company particularly through TikTok and the like.

Apple generally seems to provide a more conducive ecosystem for Chinese companies since Tencent and Alibaba both rank on the top 10 list for the App store, coming in at numbers 2 and 8 respectively, but are nowhere to be found on the Google Play list. The Google Play top ten list seems to be dominated by mobile game developers which seems to indicate that these are the companies that are finding the most success on Google’s platform which means that they would most likely benefit from continuing to work with Google in this capacity.

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