The CCDH have held responsible 12 influencers for spreading misinformation online related to the COVID-19 vaccine

We all are familiar with the horror stories that were bestowed upon us due to the corona virus global outbreak in 2020. With many clinical trials, the corona virus vaccine finally got available to majority parts of the world in 2021. Since then, much has been said about the vaccines. Many people all around the world have spread a lot of misinformation related to it. Numerous social media platforms have been the source through which this misinformation got spread, due to which these social media platforms faced a lot of heat and had to do some major damage control.

The Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) which is an international non-profitable NGO that looks into these sensitive matters of online hate and spreading of lies, conducted an investigation which resulted to them urging major social media platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter to ban specific 12 people that have been found responsible to this spreading of misinformation, they are responsible to spreading about two-thirds of anti-vaccination content through these social media apps. Among them was also a well reputed name found to be Robert F Kennedy Junior, son of the late Democratic senator Robert F Kennedy and also the alternative medicine entrepreneur Joseph Mercola.

The chief executive of the CCDH announced that Facebook, Twitter and Google have already placed policies to prevent such spread of anti-vaccine information that can encourage people into not taking the vaccine, but to this date each one of these platforms have failed to achieve any result through these policies as the people who want to spread misinformation related to the vaccine are still able to do so. The major works here was of these platforms to take strict measures but even after enforcing their policies such crimes were still committed. The one platform that failed the most and through which the information got spread the most was Facebook and the tech giant is getting its fair share of backlash from people on its own. To this, Kevin McAlister the spokesperson for Facebook said that they have updated their policies in order to take action against such accounts that break the COVID-19 and vaccine rules set by the company and that Facebook has already taken some action against such groups who were doing things like these. Twitter until now has taken the best initiative for this; Twitter has released a cleared strike system where if one account puts misleading content repeatedly resulting in total five strikes, then that account will get permanently banned.

As more vaccines are now available to different parts of the world the doctors have shifted their focus into making people agree to take the vaccine.

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