The study concludes that the Apple Watch can accurately access frailty in patent with cardiovascular disease using activity data

After iPhones and iPads, the highest focus of Apple Company is promoting Apple Watch and it is at third number in most sold products of this company since its launch in the year 2015, its sales contribute revenue of almost $12 to $14 billion each year. Apple Company is promoting its watch’s health monitoring credentials including a heart rate sensor, an ECG monitor, blood pressure monitor, and so on. The Apple Watch 7 can monitor blood glucose levels which could counterpart the wearable’s ability to identify falls and watch for atrial fibrillation. Now a further study from the University of Stanford concluded that even the old model Apple watch 3 is still able to monitor cardiovascular patients waiting for treatment. Now, iPhone and Apple Watch is not just a device handling your data but these can access accurately ‘frailty’ in both home and clinic. This can be measured by getting the patient to walk where they are unable to walk for a distance of 300 meters in less than 6 minutes and this will be considered as frail. The focus of the study was to determine the 6 minutes’ walk in-home test and passively collecting the activity data can replace in-clinic tests.

Apple Company funded the study and enrolled 110 veteran affair patients who were using iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 3 with running the VascTrac research app and this study took almost 6 months because it was collecting passively activity data of users. 6MWT was performed during the visit at the clinic after a timely rest and 6MWT at home was conduct through the VascTrac app that was collecting data such as daily step counts. By using this 6MWT score, where the highest score will show that a patient has a better cardiac, respiratory, and neuromuscular function and vice versa. So the logistic regression with forwarding feature range was used to check at home 6 minutes’ walk test and activity data as a detector for frailty as identified by gold-standard managed 6MWT.

This study after performing these tests has concluded that the Apple watch has the ability to accurately access frailty with a sensitivity of 90% and specificity of 85% in clinical settings. While at home and outside the clinical settings this percentage was up to 83% sensitivity and 60% specificity. These results found that the Apple Watch and iPhone have the ability to access frailty based on 6MWT performance which is good news that these devices can be used as a remote tool for the evaluation of a patient.

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