Google is bringing new updates to its Action Blocks app with backup and restore, along with some other small improvements as well

No week goes by when you don't hear something from Google, the multinational tech giant strikes again by bringing updates to its Action Blocks with device backup and restore. Founded on September 4th of 1998, the American based technology company that provides internet related services and products to many consumers all around the world is known to bring new updates and features for its users almost every week. The company hears the concerns of their users, accepts its flaws and wastes no time into correcting it. Google over the years has launched so many applications and features for its users that it is almost impossible to do something internet related without the involvement of Google in it. There are so many applications developed by Google for it Android users that it is now impossible to keep a tab on each of them. Some much loved and popular applications include, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Voice, Assistant, Play Book, Google Wallet, Google Chrome etc.

Google has Action Blocks app which is web based tools that make it easier for people to use Android phones and tablets to make routine actions easier. With the help of Action Blocks users can add common actions to their home screen with adding a name or image. To use action blocks on your phone, open the Google Play Store on your Android device, search for action blocks, locate it, tap install and now allow the installation to complete. It has been reported by 9to5Google that Google has yet again brought an update to one of its features, this time to its Action Blocks, backup and restore when moving to other devices and other small improvements as well. This new version 1.3 of Action Blocks is launching soon and one major change it will bring is supporting backup and restore. This will make the users not lose their blocks after upgrading any of their devices. For people who religiously use Action Block, this new update is sure to save their time as this feature does not require them to re-create their custom macros when getting a new phone. The app seems to be connected with the usual Android backup process and not to the Google Account cloud sync. This new version of Action Blocks is now available on the Google Play Store.

Some new small improvements have also been launched, new on and off switches that are somewhat comparable to the Android 12 style that also included a confirmation checkmark or dash to represent its status. Even though the overall layout of the app appears unchanged, voice dictation to write text on any tool is accessible.

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