Google Chrome is releasing a new progressive web application user interface installation for Android users

Progression Web Application or PWA is an application software that is manufactured using common web technologies such as HTML, Java Script and CSS. The main aim of this software is to work on different platforms that can use standard-compliant browsers through different devices such as desktops and mobile phones. It basically features a lighter version of an actual full app. PWA includes features that can help improve the experience of any user who wants to surf through web pages from a mobile phone, it provides features like home screen icon, full screen capabilities, push notifications and what not that can increases user engagement on a large scale. These progression web installs will now be looking more like native app installs in Chrome for Android that is Google is releasing a new PWA install user interface (UI) that resembles closely to its Google Play Store user interface, having the similar features like app name, description, a few screenshots and also an Install option. PWA has contributed to many benefits like increasing mobile traffic, improving load and installation speed, increasing average conversion, session and of course engagement.

This news was announced by Chrome Developers on Twitter via a tweet, saying that the new install UI for PWA is much better. The user will just have to click on the Install option as they usually do when installing apps from the Google Play Store and the new UI will be installed. Developers can adopt this progressive web application installs as well.

For developers to adopt this, they just need to add the screenshots and descriptions to utilize this new user interface and Chrome for Android will then use this user interface for their progressive web app install. To add images to the app, the width and height of the images should be 320px to the minimum and 3840px to the maximum, the same criteria goes for the screenshots as well. The format to be used for the screenshots should be JPG or PNG file format and the maximum dimension mentioned cannot be twice larger than the minimum dimension. With following these requirements, the progressive web app installation of the user will then look similar to the native app installation. This will make more users to install different applications on their phones.

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