The Man Who Invented the Internet Criticizes Big Tech Monopolies, Calls for Change

It might seem strange to think about it right now, but not all that long ago the idea of the internet would have seemed like a wild fantasy. It took years for the internet to become as widespread as it is these days, and it has changed quite a bit in this time as well. Time Berners-Lee is the person that invented the internet back in 1989, and according to him the manner in which big companies are dominating the internet right now is more of a fad rather than the normal way in which the internet should be administered.

One aspect of the modern tech that Berners-Lee criticized the modern internet quite a lot in his letter commemorating the 32nd year of the internet’s existence. He stated that there have been similar fads in the past that ended up changing, and that the manner in which user data ends up being used these days is another thing that can change, citing the example of the government of Australia imposing tech regulations as one example as well as a global push back against this sort of thing.

Another thing that Berners-Lee raised his concerns about was the fact that about one-third of people between the ages of 15-24 around the world don’t have access to the internet right now. He is launching a new platform called Solid that would try and make users gain more control over their data, and the fact that the creator of the internet is now trying to take a more active role in its future will definitely be a heartening sign for many that are out there. The internet is not perfect right now, but that doesn’t mean that positive changes can’t be made if everyone works together, including government regulators along with tech companies themselves.

Photo: REUTERS/Simon Dawson

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