Instagram Testing to Introduce a “Message” Feature Under its Posts

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications to exist currently and it has a massive following to it. The company therefore strives to do so much better each passing day in order to make sure its growth remains intact and increasing and to also provide their community a safe and easy to use platform so that they enjoy their time spent online. Therefore, the tech giant keeps testing and introducing new and better features every now and then.

Recently, Samarth noted that Instagram is testing yet another new feature which will allow its users to send a direct message through a comment on a post.

Currently under a comment there are two options that are like and reply, like obviously means you can heart a comment while the reply option gives you the allowance of replying o that commenter right under the comment. Well, in a tweet Samarth posted a screenshot of his Instagram comment section, which revealed that now next to the reply option the tech giant is introducing another option which is called “Message.”

Though the Instagram has not said anything about any such feature nor a lot has been spoken about it the tweeter further posted a screenshot showing what it does. You can tap on message directly on the Instagram posts and write what you want to say and that message will directly be delivered into the DMs of the respected person with a notification saying “You responded to a comment on the (said username) made on your post.” This will notify the users that you have responded to their comment through a message and they can respond back in the DMs as well.

Well, you may be thinking if such a feature has come into existence why can’t I see it on my profile. The thing is Instagram tests features on a certain number of people from different regions first before it releases something officially in order to check the general publics reactions to it and if the feature is liked by the public or not. If it liked it makes its appearance full time throughout the world, and if I do not the feature is immediate cancelled before it even makes an appearance. So this feature might be under testing and therefore not available to you at the moment and if the company thinks it will benefit them you might me seeing it on your screens as well in a few weeks.

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