Gismart and Snapchat have made a multi-game partnership to introduce Crazy Run games into the app

Snap Inc. recently made a multi-game partnership to launch Gismart’s second game on Snapchat, Crazy Run. For those who don’t know Gismart is one of the leading developer and publisher of mobile games that focuses on entertainment apps. Founded in 2013, it has over 600 million downloads. The games that will be on Snapchat in collaboration with Gismart will include the game characters as the user’s Bitmoji; this for sure is a cool way to increase more engagement among users. Gismart’s introduction was with Perfect Expert 3D, and it never fails to bring something fun, easily accessible and engaging games to the table. With Gismart launching its games on Snapchat, both of these platforms are sure to get a huge boost from this partnership. Snapchat is unleashing its interactive and creative tools to Gismart through having users Bitmoji character as game players.

This multi-game partnership is definitely a great way of Gismart showing their commitment into developing fun and interactive games for the users of Snapchat by also including Bitmoji characters in its own mobile gaming apps. Since Gismart released the game in January, the game achieved a total of 41 million players having a total screen time of 15,500 million hours in the game. The game gets at least 721,000 minimum users every day.

Crazy Run is a competitive multiplayer game that allows multiple players to play as their Bitmoji to overcome obstacles in order to reach the finish line, Gismart increased their user engagement rate by adding the friend-matching feature where Snapchatters can get matched to their friends before matching with other Snapchatters, this game in particular since its release in 2021 has reached over 7 million players. Gismart is actually one of the first developers that are introducing Bitmoji into their Games with their hyper casual title Perfect Expert 3D, with this inclusion, and the avatars that the users will be able to bring through any device that they choose to play with, is a highly innovative idea.

With the partnership between these two huge platforms, the engagement between users will definitely increase, Snapchatters can play with each other without installing a separate app. Snapchat is a platform where conversations via text and snaps takes please every day and over 75% of the 13-34 year old US population uses this app. Snapchat is one of the most used and highly popular apps out there and with this partnership Gismart will get the exposure that it likely deserves.

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