PUBG surpassed 1 billion downloads on mobile since 2018 outside of China, The game has also reached $5 billion in lifetime revenue

Players Unknown Battle Grounds Mobile commonly referred to as PUBG Mobile has hit a breakthrough and reached a total of 1 billion downloads, in the few previous years around the globe becoming one of the most successful and thriving games among all the Battle Royale games released to date including call of duty, fortnight, firestorm etc.

Also as a result of COVID’19 pandemic the mobile version of the game was brought over 70 million times in the recent year that too only on the personal computers and game consoles and the mobile version alone made a total of 4.3 billion dollars till December 2020.

According to data analysis from Sensor Tower (ST), apart from PUBG, Subway Surfers by Kilo Games and Candy Crush Saga by King Digital Entertainment as well as Pokémon go, all of which are in the billion download clubs and are most played games list which is obviously easier and simpler if compared to PUBG.

Tencent, the biggest video gaming company by revenue in the world has made another game in China by the name of Peacekeeper Elite better known as Game For Peace, which is also getting good feedback in the gaming world, with Tencent revenue rising by 29 percent in a matter of few months. Said it is looking forward to obtaining more than half of its revenue from outside of China.

Besides getting banned in a few countries and getting criticized for bringing violent and aggressive behavior among children and adults, especially India which was a major shareholder with 175 million PUBG downloads; PUBG has still not staggered in being the most played game of 2020, making 2.7 billion dollars in a year, while it has reached $5.1 billion in lifetime revenue, as per ST.

On their third anniversary, PUBG is bringing new features into the game, with the release of the new Hundred Rhythms mode in PUBG Corp, where the players will be able to wear arm bands with skills: throw a scanner, wear a ghillie suit, or deploy a barrier.

Also, the news is that a new version of PUBG Mobile is coming to iOS and Android soon called PUBG: New State, probably later this year, with all new TROI which has ultra-realistic images and many advanced features. Stay tuned.

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